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The Legend of Stan Smith

adidas Skateboarding The Legend of Stan Smith

Adidas Stan Smith, siapa sih yang ga tau apalagi kalau yang suka sneaker. Stan Smith adalah pemain tenis dari Amerika sekitar tahun 1960-1980an. Pada tahun 1988 adidas Stan Smith telah terjual sekitar 22 juta pasang dan terdaftar di Guiness World Record. Tapi tahukah kalian kalau awalnya Stan Smith adalah Skateboarder?

Visual Traveling: The Persian Version

Visual Traveling: The Persian Version

Patrik Wallner is back with another stunning chapter of his Visualtraveling series, which brings him – and skateboarders like Michael Mackrodt and Denny Pham to name just a few – to Iran this time around. Realized in collaboration with Thrasher Magazine, this episode has a running time of almost thirty minutes – as it combines skateboarding with an in-depth documentary – which makes me wonder if it’s about time for the ever busy Mr. Wallner to work on his first full-length anytime soon?

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