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Perspective - Tomorrow's News Today

In the early 1900's it seemed hard more many to believe one could make a bicycle run on a motor engine. In 1985, it seemed hard to believe in Back To The Future: Part 2 that people could ride hoverboards by 2015. Hendo Hoverboards has proven that is possible and it is not even 2015 yet. Now, we have E-go and Bubblegum Boards which are electric skateboards. Which is today's equivalent to the motorcycle of the early 1900s.

Extreme sports consists of BMX biking and MotoCross biking. In 2016, the X-games could possibly have new competitions for hoverboard competitions and to on the ground skateboard competitions. In 2016, the X-games could have competitions for electric skateboards and non-electric skateboards.
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